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& (AND), counterpoise chic, redefines beauty by marrying minimalism with theatrical elements to fashion a store that’s both a shopping destination and a statement of art. The theme utilizes a dramatic black-and-white palette to split the retail space into distinct halves, creating a visual dialogue between opposites that encapsulates our core theme of balanced beauty. For the brand launch event, this concept will extend into a series of engaging activities that reflect the interior's design ethos. Guests will experience the brand through a curated journey of discovery, where every element from the decor to the product displays reinforces our commitment to innovation and stylistic harmony.

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TARGET - "Counterpoise Chic" attracts beauty enthusiasts, especially millennials and Gen Z, who are keen on the latest in skincare, makeup, and fragrance and value a blend of online and in-store shopping experiences.

TECHNOLOGY -  The store incorporates augmented reality makeup trials, interactive displays, and AI-driven personalized shopping experiences to enhance customer engagement.

MATERIAL & FINISH -  The space contrasts matte black smooth finishes with bright, gloss white surfaces, emphasizing the store’s dualistic theme.

SUSTAINABILITY -  Eco-friendly practices are prioritized, including the use of recycled materials, LED lighting, low-VOC paints, and a product recycling program.

CUSTOMER JOURNEY-  The layout directs customers from basic to premium products, with interactive and personalized elements enriching the shopping experience from entry to checkout.

EMOTIONAL CONNECTION-  Designed to spark curiosity and delight, the store's visual contrasts and interactive features create a memorable and engaging customer experience.

This store concept blends minimalism with bold drama in a beauty retail space that challenges the ordinary. Using a striking black-and-white color scheme, the store creates a dynamic environment where beauty emerges from balance, transforming shopping into an exploratory and artistic experience.
Led the concept design for branding and overall retail store design, which included developing a distinctive logo, selecting cohesive color themes, fixtures design and layout, VM guidelines, and creating comprehensive brand launching event concepts. My work encompassed designing functional and aesthetically pleasing fixtures, choosing layout materials that complemented the brand’s aesthetic, and directing visual merchandising strategies to enhance product presentation and shopping experience. This integrated approach to brand and space design significantly strengthened the brand’s market presence and increased consumer engagement.
The brand launch event for & (AND) Counterpoise Chic aims to create an immersive and memorable experience that reflects the store’s minimalist yet dramatic design ethos. The event will emphasize the store's balanced beauty theme through a series of interactive and visually captivating activities, ensuring that every element, from decor to product displays, reinforces the brand’s commitment to innovation and stylistic harmony
The brand launch event for & (AND) will create a lasting impression by immersing guests in the store's minimalist yet dramatic design ethos. Attendees will leave with a deepened understanding and appreciation of the brand’s commitment to balanced beauty and innovative design. The event is expected to generate significant buzz and engagement on social media, foster strong customer relationships, and drive increased foot traffic and sales in the days and weeks following the launch.
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