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The design intent of this project was to prominently showcase Total Wine & More exclusive Winery Direct & Spirit Direct (WD/SD) products by positioning them in prime store locations. The aim was to create visually appealing and inspiring displays that capture customer interest and promote brand awareness through strategically placed focal points. The design utilized mood lighting, color, and texture to tell a compelling brand story, enhancing the shopping experience and emphasizing our core values of selection, price, and service.
Led the concept design and design procedure from the initial stage to the construction stage. Developed innovative spatial plans and designed fixtures that seamlessly integrated into the store's aesthetic. Created visually compelling displays that enhanced the brand narrative using mood lighting, colors, and textures. Strategically used focal points to ensure high visibility and engagement with the products. Design elements reflected the exclusivity and quality of the products, enhancing the customer experience and driving satisfaction and sales. Collaborated closely with internal and external partners, including the merchandise team, product marketing team, fabrication vendors, and operation teams, to ensure the successful execution and implementation of the project.
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